TRAX PVC motorcycle raincoat

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TRAX PVC motorcycle raincoat is a basic essential affordable motorcycle raincoat. As a motorcycle rider, you should pack a set of motorcycle raincoat to prepare for sudden rain downpour.  PVC coated motorcycle raincoat is the minimum standard material. TRAX PVC raincoat can at least withstand this hard hitting raining spell.


  • basic waterproof*
  • normal PVC coated durability^
  • lightweight, easy to stow/pack

Why should you buy TRAX PVC motorcycle raincoat  

As riding in the rain without any protection can make you more frustrated and you will try to beat the rain by riding faster to get to your destination. However being drenched to the skin makes you feel so uncomfortable and distort your road awareness.

Although PVC coated motorcycle raincoat waterproofness ability has short product life cycle, it is also dependable on rider's usage.

However wearing a normal motorcycle raincoat is better than having nothing to protect yourself from heavy rain and it is so dangerous to be speeding and racing against the rain.

--Some motorcycle riders are often seen riding big CC motorcycles but get caught in the rain drenched to the skin racing against the rain with no raincoat

--there is no excuses even though your motorbike does not have a storage space to stow a set of motorcycle raincoat

-- your safety is more important than saving a few dollars

--please do not wear those disposable thin plastic as a raincoat ! Plastic disposable are meant for walking pedestrian, but not for motorcycle rider/pillion

--do not get caught in the rain and please spare a thought for your pillon rider --don't let your beloved ( girlfriend/wife/mother) drenched to the skin

--do not waste your time hiding in the rain shelter/tunnel -- the heavy downpour in raining season will not be passing rain shower --you got other better things to do then waiting out under expressway rain shelter

Ergonomic Features:

  • Fit: regular fit (larger fitting)
  • Features: includes compact bag
  • Adjustability: adjustment velcro tab at collar, upper arms and cuffs, velcro flap at bottom of trousers to shorten the length

Comes in 1 set:

  • top (waterproof raincoat)
  • trouser (waterproof)
  • travel bag


      • GREY/BLACK
      • RED/BLACK
      • BLUE/BLACK
      • please take note that all trousers color are black in color
      • Ankle velcro flap follow the color of raincoat top

      Size: S / M / L / XL / 2XL

      CHEST (cm) WAIST (cm)
      SMALL 88 - 94 88 - 91
      MEDIUM 94 - 100 92 -96
      LARGE 100 - 106 97 - 102
      X-LARGE 106 -112 103 -107
      2X-LARGE 112 -118 108 -112


      #Product has NO WARRANTY due to nature of wear and tear
      ^PVC coated raincoat has a short lifespan, durability also depends on usage
      *Waterproofness will vary depend on usage / care / maintenance


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