How to buy a motorcycle helmet

When it comes to buying a motorcycle helmet, many new bikers or learners are confused or overwhelmed with the choice of motorcycle helmets in the market.

Here are some tips and guidelines to help you choose a motorcycle helmet:

Half face or full face motorcycle helmet?

It is advisable for new motorcycle learners or beginners to buy a cheap half face motorcycle to try out before investing in a full face helmet.

As you are starting to learn how to ride a bike, wear and tear are bound to happen. However if your budget allows for a full face motorcycle helmet then by all means go ahead as it provide additional level of protection.

Motorcycle accidents often result in head injuries and the common impact areas are the rider's face. Full face motorcycle helmet protects your chin unlike an open-face motorcycle helmet.

PSB Safety Test Label

In Singapore, it is an offence to wear a motorcycle helmet without a PSB approved TEST label.

Singapore safety standard PSB TEST

A motorcyclist can only compare the protection of a motorcycle helmet by ensuring that the relevant safety standards have been met.

A helmet meeting PSB, DOT, ECE, JIS, AS, Snell or whatever safety standard should offer the same level of protection, whether it costs $100.00 or $1,000.00.

For a beginner just choose a motorcycle helmet that is affixed with the PSB approved TEST label.

click here to learn more about different type of motorcycle safety standards.

Helmet Retention system

Look out for the helmet strap. Choose a motorcycle helmet with the tried-and-tested Double "D-ring" attachment system which is very reliable and widely used on every racing helmet. See picture below.

YOHE Scorpion Motorcycle Helmet Chin Strap
Double D ring - YOHE Scorpion Helmet

There are other "quick release" systems have been developed, but most of them are complicated, failure prone and fussy to operate. 

The double D-ring helmet strap is adjustable and there are no springs to wear out or plastic and metal latches to break. 

Now you know why all motorcycle helmets approved by PSB are those with double D-ring attachment system.

Motorcycle Helmet Fit

The fit of a motorcycle helmet should be snug around the cheek, forehead and top of your head. As most of us have different head shapes, to know your head shape

Too loose or too tight is cause for concern as a loose motorcycle helmet will move upon impact, and a tight motorcycle helmet is uncomfortable and affects a rider's concentration.

Motorcycle Helmet Comfort

Safety is the primary reason for wearing a motorcycle helmet, but one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a new helmet is comfort.  Any protection that a helmet can offer is of no value if it is too uncomfortable to wear. 

There are several factors affecting comfort:

  • Motorcycle helmet's liner material
    The inner liner should feel comfortable against your skin
  • Motorcycle helmet's cheek and inner padding
    The internal padding of the helmet should act as a comfortable cushion between the head and the helmet

When you wear a motorcycle helmet, it should not cause you pain, rawness and headaches. Make sure there are no pressure points at your forehead, ears and the top of your head.