Full Face Motorcycle Helmets

Full face motorcycle helmets popular brands include ARAI (JAPAN), AGV (ITALY), SHOEI (JAPAN) selection in HelmetBoys.com online store

Full face helmets provide more protection than open face motorcycle helmets as there are chin bar support in the event of an accident.This will protect your face, mouth, jaw from impact collision as they are the most common impact injuries.

Full face helmet safety technology

Most of current helmet technology involves using an inner liner made of EPS foam to absorb shock. ARAI helmet manufacturer has even push the safety technology even further by designing a full face helmet shape to minimize the effect of "glancing off" impact and protect against direct impact.

However even the safest full face helmets have some technological limitations. Most of motorcycle rider head injuries are internal that are caused from sudden snapping impact although the outer physical layer of the head is free from physical injuries.

Motorcycle helmets can only protect your head from impact collisions, however it cannot fully protect your head from injuries whether it is an open face helmet, modular helmet or full face helmet. So the best practice is to ride safely in full protective gear, awareness of road conditions is the best insurance policy.


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