Motorcycle Handle Grips

Motorcycle handle grips are an important motorcycle accessory used to help motorcyclists to maintain throttle control. There are many types of aftermarket motorcycle handle grips for modifications. Varieties include street, offroad motocross handle grips for maximium grip and comfort. Many motorcycle riders would want their personal style on their ride as they seek to replace worn out slippery motorcycle handle grips.

How to choose correct handle grips

The reason why original stock motorcycle handle grips are hard is because it provide good grip feel for the front end of the bike. However some stock handle grips are thin and easily worn out. Racing handle grips are rock hard because you want to transfer every bit of feel through the handlebars to yourself.

Most important point is to choose extra grip traction on the handle grips so that you have maximum throttle control which will translate into safer comfortable motorcycle ride.

types of handle grips include :

  • soft foam neoprene handle grips --although you will lose some grip feel, in return you gain  comfort and get more "grip traction" so there will be no more slippery feeling
  • Rubber gel handle grips
  • Plastic coated handle grips
  • Aluminum CNC handle grips

Type of motorcycle for handle grips

You have to know what type of handle grips to buy for your motorcycle. Different motorcycle models has certain specifications. For open end handle bars motorcycle eg sport bikes

YAMAHA, HONDA, BMW, KTM, Ducati, Moto Guzzi and Cagiva, Triumph and more

Some motorcycles handle bar produce greater vibrations. the solution is to buy thick, padded handle grips to protect your hands from numbness and fatigue even after a few minutes of riding.

Different type of motorcycle handle bars

There are many different motorcycle handle bars such as ape hangers, beach bars, clubman bars, motocross bars, drag bars and other styles. Each different type of motorcycle handle grips require different handle grips.

It's important to choose a grip that fit your motorcycle handle bar exactly to make sure your ride is safe and comfortable.

  •  measure your original handle grip length and diameter

Make sure you are buying the right diameter and correct length. Most motorcycle grips are either 7/8" or 1" in diameter and about 5" long. To figure out which diameter and length you need to measure the old stock handle grips before purchasing new ones.

Different needs for different motorcycle handle grips

  • Cross-country touring:
    If you love to ride long distances cross country touring on the highway, it is more important to choose comfort over traction grips. Choose soft foam handle grips that can help prevent hand numbness and fatigue which allows you to ride longer and have much better control over your motorcycle steering.

  • Maximum grip:
    Rubber handle grips are designed to absorb sweat so that your hands will not slip easily. Rubber gel handle grips provide the best grip and control. Buy these if you ride sports bikes or if you have sweaty palms.

Tips for replacing motorcycle handle grips

One important point when installing and replacing old motorcycle handle grips is to leave sufficient slack in the right hand throttle so that there is enough play in the connecting harness to allow unrestricted use of the throttle when the throttle is rotated.

New motorcycle handle grips comes in a pair. The slightly larger handle grips is to be installed on the right side which is throttle side. The smaller handle grip will be installed on the left side of the handle bar.