Singapore Motorcycle Helmet Safety Standard PSB Test

Singapore Motorcycle Helmet Safety Standard

In Singapore, motorcycle riders caught wearing unapproved helmets can be fined by the Singapore Traffic Police or LTA (LAND TRANSPORT AUTHORITY). A motorcyclist can only compare the protection of a motorcycle helmet by ensuring that the relevant safety standards have been met.

Who is responsible for motorcycle helmet safety standard in Singapore?

TUV SUD PSB, formerly known as PSB Corporation is the organisation responsible for certifying motorcycle helmets in Singapore.

TUV SUD PSB is a established and internationally recognised testing body that provide product testing, inspection and certification services for manufacturers and government authorities worldwide.

Singapore motorcycle helmet safety standard is regulated by Singapore Traffic Police.

What is the name for motorcycle helmet safety standard in Singapore?

Name of Standard:        Protective helmets for motor cyclists
Standard Number:         SS 9: 2014

Singapore ROAD TRAFFIC ACT forbids motorcycle riders from wearing non-compliant motorcycle helmet without the Singapore Standard: SS9, which tests a motorcycle helmet's construction and performance.

All motorcycle helmets imported and sold in Singapore must undergo batch testing to ensure that they meet safety standards. The safety tests include dropping the helmet from height, undergoing penetration and chin bar tests.

The "TUV SUD PSB Batch Inspected" safety label of approval are then affixed to the consignment of motorcycle helmets.

 singapore TUV SUD PSB motorcycle safety approved helmet standard

What does PSB safety tests consist of?

TUV SUD PSB measure a motorcycle helmet’s ability to absorb or dissipate impact forces from reaching the rider's head.  

Elements of a motorcycle helmet that are tested:

  • protective padding material : expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam liner which resembles styrofoam
  • motorcycle shell structural integrity
  • motorcycle helmet visor
  • the effectiveness of the retention system that keeps the helmet on the head

A Word of Caution

There are some riders who asked: "Are motorcycle helmets sold in Singapore safe?" It really depends how you define the word 'safe'.

None of the safety standards can precisely replicate the threats that a motorcyclist might face in the event of an accident.

What official safety standards can do is to minimize risks to the rider by conducting impact tests. However no motorcycle helmet can guarantee complete safety and protect the rider from possible impacts and accidents.

A motorcycle helmet meeting PSB, DOT, ECE, JIS, AS, Snell or whatever safety standard should offer the same level of protection, whether it costs you $100.00 or $1,000.

The Choice Is Yours

Saving money through buying cheap, non tested plastic motorcycle helmets are a huge risk to your own safety. Your human head is more important than saving some dollars.

As a motorcycle rider, you should be responsible for your own safety.

Some of the reputable motorcycle helmet brands like ARAI meet USA Snell M 2005, Europe CE 22-05 which are recognized as international standards and endorsed by the racing governing commission. However some of the models are not TUV SUD PSB approved.

Price is not an indication of safety, a reputable brand helmet that cost $800 does not mean it is much more safer than a cheap $40 motorcycle helmet.

Whether extensive research and development in producing superior helmets make them safer remains unproven.

True Safety depend on the motorcycle rider so please ride safely. Don't take your chances with the authorities, wear a TUV SUD PSB approved motorcycle helmet.