KYT Full Face Motorcycle Helmet TT COURSE

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KYT TT COURSE is a sport-touring full face helmet. A full-face affordable motorcycle helmet equipped with ADT-Advanced technology that guarantees high resistance to  impact. The collaboration with aeronautical engineers coupled with the usage of innovative software and wind tunnel sessions created this innovative and high performing aerodyamic full face helmet.


  • wind-tunnel tested sport touring helmet
  • ADT Advanced thermoplastic shell
  • "PSB SUV TEST Approved" safety label
  • Pinlock® Ready
  • aerodynamic spoiler
  • removable, washable and replaceable inner paddings
  • anti-fog, scratchproof visor
  • visor with UV380 ray filters

    KYT TT COURSE full face motorcycle helmet shapes have been tested in the wind tunnel to achieve the best performances without neglecting style and ergonomic design.

    KYT TT COURSE Full Face Helmet Ventilation

    KYT TT Course full face helmet has five air intakes on the front and four air extractors under the huge aerodynamics spoiler. The rear spoiler is sharp-looking but aesthetically blended into the shape of the helmet.

    The function of the rear exhaust extractors is to extract the stale hot air inside the helmet and deliver a consistent flow of cool air to your head while riding.

    The channeling of airflow from several air intakes creates an optimal ventilation into the helmet follow by quick exhaust of the hot air.

    integrated rear spoiler provides a smoother airflow over the helmet which create less turbulence as the speed increases.

    KYT TT COURSE Full Face Helmet Clear Visor Shield

    KYT TT Course full face helmet clear visor shield is made of polycarbonate with anti-scratch treatment. The new system of hooks to the helmet and allow quick removal of the face shield without tools.

    KYT TT Course full face helmet has a lock system to fix the visor during the riding in the close position. TT Course is also PINLOCK ready.

    KYT TT COURSE Full Face Helmet Padding

    KYT TT Course full face helmet are made of soft breathable bioelastic fabric that offer a high sweat absorption and keep your head fresh and dry.

    Synthetic fibers inner liner and cheek pads are fully easily removable and washable . There are cheek pads with different thickness available.

    The chin strap attachment system uses the simple yet effective double D-ring which is LTA approved with "PSB SUV TEST Approved" safety label

    KYT TT COURSE Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Size Chart

    * S : 55-56cm
    * M : 57-58cm
    * L : 59-60cm
    * XL : 61-62cm

    Helmet Size S M L XL
    cm 55-56 57-58 59-60 61-62


    • ECE 22.05
    • weight: approx. 1450g ± 50g
    • "PSB SUV TEST Approved" safety label

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