NANSHI Premium Motorcycle Waterproof Rainjacket

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NANSHI motorcycle rainjacket LS018 is the premium version of the entry level lightweight waterproof raincoat. The holy grail of waterproof motorcycle raincoat can be found in NANSHI brand. The search for reliable lightweight yet waterproof motorcycle raincoat is unyielding arduous continuous journey.

For this NANSHI motorcycle rainjacket product, it has passed the holy grail requirements to qualify as motorcycle rider essential rain kit. Lightweight, breathability and most important of all water-proofness.

Out in the maket, there are many expensive branded motorcycle rainjacket that tout itself as waterproof some even cost over $200++ yet it still fail after some usage despite exorbitant high prices. Some high end brands motorcycle rainjackets even fail the water leak test after only a few tries.

Thankfully, technology is always advancing and NANSHI motorcycle rainjacket has some advanced space-tech raincoat material.

In terms of PRICE / WATERPROOF / Airflow breathability motorcycle rainjacket, it is hard for other brands to beat NANSHI standard.


  • 100% waterproof resistance repellant*
  • humidity breathable^
  • lightweight, easy to stow/pack
  • head hood
  • dual sleeve (inner sleeve to prevent water seepage into your elbow)

Difference between NANSHI motorcycle rainjacket VS normal PVC raincoat

NANSHI motorcycle rainjacket utilizes Dermizax™ which is a laminate with a sophisticated membrane that achieves the highest level of water resistance, breathability and resistance to condensation. The stretchable laminate takes advantage of the fabric's elasticity, giving it a light and flexible feel. 

PVC water-repellent motorcycle raincoat materials usually do not contain any kind of membrane compact coating.

NANSHI Waterproof Definition

Textiles that can prevent rainwater to enter into the inner layers of the clothing include zips, closures, seams that has the capability to block any potential rain water entry.

NANSHI advanced space technology motorcycle rainjacket

NANSHI raincoat utilizes a special material named ENTRANT™ moisture-permeable waterproof woven fabric with microporous polyurethane membrane

ENTRANT™ features a microporous structure to block rainwater while allowing humidity to escape, making it a pioneer in breathable waterproof materials.

NANSHI motorcycle raincoat moisture permeability feature 6340g/m square for 24 hours that keeps you cool yet repel rainwater.

ENTRANT® Technology that balances two functions

ENTRANT® waterproof, moisture-permeable coating/lamination is made from hydrophobic polyurethane and has a countless number of micropores.
ENTRANT® coated or laminated fabrics feature an ideal balance between waterproofness and moisture permeability.


By using 150D Oxford Polyester PU for the external surface, NANSHI premium rainjacket has the ability to repel rainwater at 13080 mmH2O.

ENTRANT® micropores are sized small enough to prevent raindrops and snow from entering the fabric.


ENTRANT® allows perspiration vapors to pass through its micropores and escape from inside the garment which will keep you cool and comfortable.

The difference between NANSHI raincoat and some of branded raincoat such as SPIDI is the comfort. NANSHI raincoat are cool and comfortable to wear even during heavy downpour because of moisture wicking feature. However compare to SPIDI raincoat which are too hot to wear as it is stuffy and stiff, only suitable for super heavy rain.

Why normal PVC laminate coated motorcycle raincoat will leak

Normal cheap raincoat are PVC laminate coated, the reason it will start to leak after wearing for a short period of time is because once the coating wear off, water will start to seep in.

PVC coated motorcycle raincoat have a tendency to get weaker over time and rain water repellent performance will drop below the critical thresholds and this is what you should expect over time.

The causes is the result of UV radiation, ageing, flexing, high or low temperatures and  also numerous washing cycles.

Therefore it is utmost importance that you MUST NEVER wash any motorcycle raincoat / rainjacket.

Especially at trouser where the crotch area is the most important. Issues such as water seepage into your crotch area are most common problems encountered.

Most high premium branded raincoats are all PVC coated and has water seepage issues. Due to poor workmanship stitching and lousy heat-on sealing that comes off, it will result in leakage of water into your pants.

Safety Protection Features:

  • Outer material: Dermizax™ which is a laminate with a sophisticated membrane (waterproof)
  • Waterproofing: 100% waterproof
  • Composition outer shell: ENTRANT™ Microporous Polyurethane Membrane
  • Visibility: 3M SCOTCHLITE™ reflective panels on logo & back shoulders
  • Reflective performance: ANSI/ISEA 107-2010 3M SCOTCHLITE™

3M SCOTCHLITE™ reflective panels keep you safe and visible in poor light conditions especially riding at night.

Motorcycle riders riding in the night are in slight disadvantage due to small physical outline and poor visibility to other motorists on the road.

Ergonomic Features:

  • Fit: regular fit
  • Features: PVC-free includes transport bag
  • Adjustability: adjustment velcro tab at collar, upper arms and cuffs, velcro flap at bottom of trousers to shorten the length

Comes in 1 set:

  • top (waterproof rainjacket)
  • trouser (waterproof)
  • travel bag


      • Luminous Yellow
      • Black
      • please take note that all trousers color is black

      Size: S / M / L / XL / 2XL

      CHEST (cm) WAIST (cm)
      SMALL 88 - 94 88 - 91
      MEDIUM 94 - 100 92 -96
      LARGE 100 - 106 97 - 102
      X-LARGE 106 -112 103 -107
      2X-LARGE 112 -118 108 -112


      #Product has NO WARRANTY due to nature of wear and tear
      ^Durability depends on usage
      *Waterproofness will vary depend on usage / care


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