Motorcycle Rider Rainshoes

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Motorcycle rider rain shoes helps to protect your shoes and feet from getting wet in the heavy rainstorm. Waterproof rain shoes is part of essential rain kit that every motorcycle rider must have.

Prepare yourself with motorcycle rain shoes so that you do not have to switch to slippers or getting your beloved NIKE/ ADIDAS/UNDER ARMOUR / leather shoes soaked in the heavy raining season. PVC coated motorcycle rain shoe is the minimum standard material.


  • anti-skid sole
  • waterproof*
  • PVC coated durability^
  • Safety night reflector at back of feet
  • lightweight, easy to fold/stow/pack
  • adjustment button tab at shin to prevent slippage
  • elastic tighten tab an top of feet

How to choose rain shoes size:

  • Size Fit: because you have to wear with your shoes on, therefore you need to buy 1/2 a size to 1 size larger than your normal shoe size

size S :Rain shoes length = 26.5cm
Suitable for normal shoes length ≤26cm

size M :Rain shoes length = 28.5cm
Suitable for normal shoes length ≤ 28cm

size L :Rain shoes length = 30cm
Suitable for normal shoes length ≤ 29.5cm

size XL :Rain shoes length = 32cm
Suitable for normal shoes length ≤ 31.5cm

Measure your feet by placing  a ruler at the bottom of your feet. Make sure the ball of your foot is against a wall or straight area. Place a ruler and measure to the tip of your foot. This will be your actual feet size.


For example, if you have measure your feet length = 31cm, proceed to buy rainshoe size = XL

#For those motorcycle riders who wear pointed leather shoes, you need to accommodate the extra length of your shoe tip


      • BLACK

      Size: S / M / L / XL / 2XL

      SMALL 26.5cm
      MEDIUM 28.5cm
      LARGE 30cm
      X-LARGE 32cm
      2X-LARGE 33cm


      #Product has NO WARRANTY due to nature of wear and tear
      ^PVC coated raincoat has a short lifespan, durability also depends on usage
      *Waterproofness will vary depend on usage / care / maintenance

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