Motorcycle Rider Class 2B P Plate

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Motorcycle Rider Class 2B 2A 2 Probation Plate. Congratulations on you passing of your motorcycle riding license! Upon obtaining your Class 2B motorcycle riding licence, you will be placed on probation for one year. You are required to display the Probation Plate during the probationary period of 1 year.

Reflective P Plate sticker

  • reflective *
  • waterproof
  • x2 pcs for front and back

You can peel off this P PLATE sticker to paste below your number plate.

Once again CONGRATS on you passing ! You have endure the tedious laborious practical and theory lessons and now its time to enjoy your new found freedom! Yipee but first read the advice below to ride safely.

How to survive motorcycle riding when you are still a P Plate rider

First of all, do not try to be a daredevil and forget all what you have learnt in your practical lessons and safety pointers taught in the authorised riding schools.

There is a tendency to shrug off everything that is taught and think that you will ride on your own style of riding.

You must understand that as a motorcyclist, you actually disadvantaged in terms of road space so you MUST always as much as possible protect yourself against harmful elements that might cause a collision with you.

Now that you are licensed to ride on the road it is time for you to understand how to ride safely.

  • Riding on road means you are actually interacting between motorists which include heavy tipper trucks, bus, cars, vans, lorry, cyclists

  • HIGH alert list
    heavy tipper trucks, bus, TAXIS, vans, impatience / road rage drivers, TP/LTA (hahah they love motorcycle riders very much)

You are riding SAFELY DOES NOT mean it is SAFE for you !

There is a misconception that if I ride safely (eg check blindspots etc) it will mean that I will be accident free.

Wrong ! The reason is because interaction between motorists means that you need to anticipate other motorists that may be driving dangerously that might be endangering your life !

You might be riding SAFELY but other motorists MAY NOT

For example, Tipper trucks and buses are huge and when changing lanes, some drivers cannot even bother to look at blindspots and if you happen to be riding in their blindspots be careful ! Ride either in front or stay at safety distance.

TAXI drivers are the worst drivers among road users, so be careful and get out of their way. Either they are driving so slow like a snail in order to squeeze every last bit of meter readings or driving like a WRC group 1 turbocharged rally car trying to catch up with the race leaders.


You might not know they might suddenly stop for passengers. Some taxi drivers rush from right most lane and cut into your lane just to stop for passenger. Luckily ride sharing has increased private hire car drivers and they are more civilized than inconsiderate taxi drivers.


Nowadays due to road regulation, bus drivers are trained to think that they are entitled to their bus lanes so when you are riding near to the bus bay, the bus will turn straight out from the bus bay ignoring your presence. Therefore the best is to stay out of bus lane in order to avoid.

Slow riding does not mean SAFE for you !

Riding at too slow speed does not automatically means it is safe. Actually you might be road hogging and you might cause impatience in other road users. Impatient motorist always make mistakes. The best is to ride according to the flow of the traffic.

Top 2 Tips that may SAVE your life


Anticipation means that you do not ride in your OWN world but keep a lookout for what the drivers might do and you can react faster rather than wait. If you are too slow to react then sometimes it might be too late and collision will happen.

This will take experience and some period of time to get accustom to driving styles of other road users. In the mean time, you should ride at safety speed limits and DO NOT SPLIT LANES. You are a novice greenhorn to attempt and it is too dangerous to split lanes.

Judgement of other motorists speed is very important in ensuring you have an accident-free riding.

  • When you irritated/ not enough sleep ( too much overtime/ shift work) please be in the right state of mind before riding a motorcycle. Driving a car is much easier than riding a motorcycle as it take up more concentration.
  • Right turn green arrow at junctions are always prone to accidents so always slow down so that you can ample of time to brake and react for traffic lights change.

If traffic light change to amber, always be aware of your surroundings if in doubt do not beat the amber light.

DO NOT be the first to start off when the light turns green, this is the real world not the racing start grid. Check left right before moving off. Some reckless motorists might beat the opposite red light and you might just be in the right spot for collision.

Distractions that cause riders to lose concentration

  • talking with pillion/ on the phone for long periods are dangerous that cause you to lose concentration

  • speeding against the rain when you are caught in the storm without a raincoat is a common occurance but this can be prevented by just buying a set of raincoat
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