Motorcycle Face Mask Balaclava Headgear

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Motorcycle face mask Balaclava headgear helps to keep motorcycle rider cool and block road dust. Useful for long road trips, dispatch riders who are always on the road (DELIVEROO/ GRABFOOD/ FOODPANDS /HONESTBEE)

  • light and breathable material
  • full coverage feature
  • air ventilation for mouth and nose 
  • absorbs sweat easily

Motorcycle face mask Balaclava headgear is also an essential rider protection for motorcycle riders who wear full face motorcycle / flip up modular helmets. For hygiene purpose to keep your motorcycle helmets clean as it absorbs sweat.

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  • may i know what is the material if this headgear? Is it stretchable and material is like uniqlo airism type?

    It is made of LYRA stretchable but not as thin as AIRISM