Motorcycle Armsleeves UV Protection ROCKBROS XT022

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Protect your hands from hot sunlight with UV armsleeves
  • block UV sunlight
  • highly elastic stretchable fabric with superior elasticity
  • air circulation for cooling comfort
  • lightweight and thin
  • Four needles six wires high-end sewing superior technology

Material = Soft Lycra spandex makes it feel smooth to touch

Why do you need to wear UV armsleeves

As our planet EARTH undergo climate change and global warming, temperature are increasing yearly. 

UV radiation and its harmful effects
Overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) light can damage your skin and lead to sunburn and an increased risk of skin cancer.

Long-wavelength UVA, which accounts for approximately 95 per cent of the UV radiation reaching the earth's surface, can penetrate the deeper layers of the skin and is responsible for tanning effect. It is the most harmful type of UV radiation

After riding under hot sunlight, your hands are slowly baked scorched like BBQ meat party. Even riding for just 20 minutes under this tropical climate will make your hand stinging red hot.

Difference between ROCKBROS Motorcycle UV Armsleeves XT022

You would find ROCKBROS armsleeves very comfortable as there is no silicone white band at the bicep which are function to prevent slippage. ROCKBROS bicep area make use of all round elastic fabric to secure slippage.

Unlike other arm sleeves which has silicone white band that help to prevent slippage, it is also the cause for some scratchiness and marking which make the wearer uncomfortable.

Do not buy those cheap so called arm sleeves which are made of cotton that are thick and hot. ROCKBROS UV armsleeves are lightweight with air permeability at your elbow area and enhanced elbow stretchability.

suitable for:

  • Delivery Riders ( McDonald's / KFC / PizzaHut )
  • Courier Riders
  • Cross country touring
  • everyday riding
  • Motorcycle Bike Learner ( BBDC / SSDC / CDC )

Sizing dimension chart

SMALL 21 CM 14 CM 38 CM BICEPS stretch up to  25cm
MEDIUM 22 CM 16 CM 42 CM BICEPS stretch up to  26cm
LARGE 27 CM 18 CM 47 CM BICEPS stretch up to  32cm
X-LARGE 30 CM 20 CM 49 CM BICEPS stretch up to  35cm

Important: please note that due to manufacturing variation, please consider 1-2cm allowance when measuring your biceps and wrist dimension

size recommendation:
as material is high elastic and stretchable, first look at biceps measurement before looking at wrist size as fabric can increase range of up to 5cm

You would want a good fit for your biceps rather than a good fit on wrist but biceps top part are too loose.

however if sizing falls in between, please choose a smaller size as it can stretch


  • hand wash with cool temperature 30°
  • Wash similar colors together
  • Do NOT soak / Do NOT brush
  • Do NOT dry clean / Do NOT tumble dry
  • Do NOT bleach / Do NOT iron
  • Put in wash pocket for washing machine

Packaging: comes with 1 pair

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