ViMOTO V8 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

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ViMOTO V8 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset is one of popular affordable crystal clear bluetooth communication. You can connect your phone call through bluetooth, make phone call handsfree on your Bluetooth smartphone, listen to stereo music or GPS navigation Google map voice instructions which makes life easier for motorcycle riders.

This is especially useful for motorcycle delivery riders who are always on the road eg GRABFOOD/ FOODPANDA  / DELIVEROO dispatch riders


  • intuitive simple one touch operation
  • automatic bluetooth pairing upon power on
  • anti-shock absorption
  • waterproof rain capabilities
  • crystal clear noise free sound
  • powerful microphone clear voice even at 120km/h
  • No transmission interference up to speeds of 80-110 km / h
  • 850 mAH battery can last 10-13 hours on a full charge
  • Able to pair with 2 different bluetooth enabled mobile phones at the same time
  • High-fidelity Bluetooth transmission of music and calls
  • Automatic reminders that charge your battery low and needs via the Bluetooth headset
  • Pairing with rear-seat headset to realize talkback between seats front and rear.

ViMOTO V8 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset advantages

Advantage: Waterproofness which is critical for those motorcycle dispatch/delivery riders who are always on the road (V6 & V8) facing unexpected rainshowers.

Advantage: Crystal clear noise free interference compare to other brands which may lose signal or trouble in bluetooth connection 

Multi user simultaneous capabilites bluetooth connection 

  • 2 smartphone bluetooth connection + 1 bluetooth headset (V3/V6/V8)

ViMOTO V8 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Powerful battery standby 

  • 850mAh rechargeable battery talktime 8-10 hours

ViMOTO V8 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Comparison

Vimoto V3 can be connected to two Bluetooth devices (two mobile phones or a mobile phone + 1 Vimoto Bluetooth adapter), however it does not have the front and rear seats talkback function, phone calls can be manually answered only therefore it is actually a basic version for riding.    
ViMOTO V6 and ViMOTO V8 comes with same function, but different battery capacity.    
V6 comes with 600mah battery capacity, however V8 has more powerful 850mah instead,

ViMOTO V6 and ViMOTO V8 can be connected to 3 Bluetooth devices (2 mobile phones + 1 Vimoto rear seat bluetooth headset or a mobile phone + 1 Vimoto Bluetooth adapter + 1 Rear seat bluetooth),

ViMOTO V6 and ViMOTO V8 have the front and rear seats talkback function, the phone can be automatically or answered manually.

with Voice enabled mode, you can hear the sound from Vimoto bluetooth adapter and rear seat bluetooth headset simulataneously, more powerful than V3 

Please see pictures for comparison chart 

ViMOTO V8 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Package

Package comes with:        
1pc x V8 Bluetooth Headset 
1pc x Mounting package    
1pc x Detachable earpieces for easy and quick installation and removal    
1pc x Mini-USB charging cable     
1pc x Soft Microphone(For integral/full face helmet)    
1pc x Hard Microphone(For open/half face helmet)    
1pc x English User Manual   

Battery Warranty - 6 month ( please keep invoice receipt ) 

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  • Can rear seater with v6 can contact with front seater with v8?

    yes V6 & V8 can be paired together compatible