RACE ZR TRAX Motorcycle Open Face Helmet

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TRAX RACE ZR motorcycle helmet is affordable and stylish for motorbike riders looking for budget motorcycle helmet.

Motorcycle helmet full tinted dark smoked / rainbow iridium/ chrome/ half tone visors or clear transparent face shield are easily available for replacement.

The semi transparent top central air diffuser look sleek and racy however it does not allow air intake and serve only as aesthetic purpose. Budget constraint limit air intake technology to be implemented therefore do not expect real air intake and outflow ventilation system like those in NOVA R606 or OGK KABUTO helmets.

RACE ZR TRAX Visor Rotation Mechanism

TRAX RACE ZR helmet visor rotation mechanism solid and stable with detents. That means you can lift or push down your face shield visor exactly to different angles according to the level of gear. There are at least five different angles you can position your face shield visor according to your likes.

The advantages of gear-based visor mechanism are stability and precise positioning because sometimes when you are riding, you would like to lift the face shield up a little bit to let in some cool air flowing to your face.

You can find outdated friction-based gear mechanism in EVO RS 959 helmet and NOVA R606 helmet. Once the visor gear is loose, you will find your face shield becoming droopy and could not hold all the way up.

In the case of RS959 helmet, if the visor shield is loose from prolonged usage, that means the visor gear are broken and have to be replace at a high cost.

Although NOVA R606 helmet has also friction-based gear mechanism, it is slightly better because if your visor shield is loose, you can still tighten the screws.

RACE ZR TRAX Helmet Padding

TRAX RACE ZR helmet motorcycle helmet lining is rudimentary with one basic color, but the cushion padding has slight faux leather which is comfortable and trendy.

TRAX RACE ZR helmet motorcycle helmet inner padding construction are not very ideal with the sewing stitches exposed which can be further improved.

However with the budget price to pay, it is still acceptable with value for money.

RACE ZR TRAX Helmet Size Chart

  • Approved safety PSB sticker
  • Approved by DOT
  • colour: Glossy Black / Glossy White / Titanium Grey
  • sizes: S / M / L / XL
        S : 55-56cm
        M : 57-58cm
        L : 59-60cm
        XL : 61-62cm

#please take note that dimensions are for references as different brands and models may have different shell sizes that varies. If you are not sure about sizing, feel free to ask

#Please note that due to nature of photographic differences and monitor color hue saturation differences, there will be slight variation of the color that you receive --Please do not expect exact color in the pictures --Thank you for your understanding

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Questions & Answers

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  • Hi, does the RACE ZR TRAX Motorcycle Open Face Helmet comes with a tinted visor?

    tinted visors are available for add on purchase

  • Hi, may i know when will the Race ZR Trax Motorcycle Open Face Helmet in pink will be back in stocks since it stated sold out. thank you

    Hi it is faster and receive more accurate answer by whatsapp
    there is a small chat bubble at bottom right

  • Are the inner padding detachable?

    yes inner padding and cheek pads removeable

  • My head xs can fit into s?

    LAZER TANGO have size XS

  • os the closure strap a double D-ring type?

    yes double D ring strap for LTA approved

  • Does it include a carrying bag for the helmet?

    yes comes with drawstring helmet bag

  • Hi , i m urgent looking for the new helmet , can you please send your shop address for me immediately ?

    hi you can find retail store location at the side menu "3bar" if you are viewing in mobile internet browser

    or click here https://helmetboys.com/pages/helmetboys-location

  • For the trax race zr in size M, is the size equivalent to arai ram 4 in size L?

    not really same size as TRAX ZR M as ARAI RAM 4 size L helmet shell size is deeper
    --trax ZR size L is also quite big therefore approximately to arai ram 4 size L