T735 TRAX Motorcycle Sunvisor Helmet

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TRAX T735 sunvisor motorcycle helmet is a premium quality open face helmet with jet style symmetry form. PSB TUV SUD Safety Approved (LTA street legal motorcycle helmet) 

T735 TRAX Visor Rotation Mechanism

TRAX T735 helmet visor rotation mechanism adopt improved friction-based which some riders may prefer gear-based detent. The advantage of friction-based visor rotation mechanism is convenience however wear and tear might hinder its performance over time.

The advantages of gear-based helmet visor mechanism are stability and precise positioning because sometimes when you are riding, you would like to lift the face shield exactly to the angle that you prefer or push up a little bit to let in some cool air to flow to your face.

T735 TRAX Helmet Inner Sunvisor

TRAX T735 helmet inner sunvisor height is wide and high enough to cover until just above your nose bridge. The inner sunvisor switch is a simple twist and turn knob. You will have to twist anti-clockwise/ counter clockwise to activate the up/down lever mechanism at the left side of the helmet.

The dark tint of the inner sunshade is just right, dark enough to block out the sunlight. Unlike some other sunvisor helmet where the sunshade is lightly tinted for eg KYT VENOM helmet sunvisor which are too light tinted to block out sunlight.

T735 TRAX Sunvisor Helmet Shape

TRAX T735 helmet MATT color provide smooth color finishing that exudes top grade fabrication. TRAX T735 helmet has a proportion outlook that has a round harmonious characteristic. Moreover its contour and symmetry are perfectly just right for classic style motorcycle riding irregardless of what type of motorcycle you are riding.

T735 TRAX Sunvisor Helmet Padding

TRAX T735 sunvisor helmet motorcycle helmet lining has chunky deluxe finishing with synthetic fabric that is comfortable to touch and wear.

TRAX T735 motorcycle helmet inner padding material are made of non mesh that is smooth without roughness. It is both satisfying and enjoyment to wear for the whole day.

Both inner padding and side cheekpads are removeable and washable

Overall TRAX T735 sunvisor helmet offer excellent value with affordable pricing and superior quality material.

T735 TRAX Sunvisor Helmet Size Chart

  • Approved safety PSB TUV SUD (LTA Approved) label
  • Approved by ECE R22-05 standard
  • colour: MATT Black / Graphic styles
  • sizes: S / M / L / XL
        S : 55-56cm
        M : 57-58cm
        L : 59-60cm
        XL : 61-62cm

#please take note that dimensions are for references as different brands and models may have different shell sizes that varies. If you are not sure about sizing, feel free to ask

#Please note that due to nature of photographic differences and monitor color hue saturation differences, there will be slight variation of the color that you receive --Please do not expect exact color in the pictures --Thank you for your understanding

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