SMX Motorcycle Open Face Helmet

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SMX open face motorcycle helmet is most elementary no frills bare basic motorcycle helmet that appeal to budget conscious riders. Safety LTA Approved TUV SUD PSB safety label.

SMX Helmet Air Vent Design

SMX open face helmet all round shaped are essentially non aerodynamic and top frontal vent are only for aesthetic purposes that do not serve any air vent flow intake.

SMX Helmet Visor Rotation Mechanism

SMX open face helmet has solid visor mechanism that has simple yet reliable up/down movement. Visor mechanism is one of the most important criteria in choosing a good reliable motorcycle helmet.

Up/Down detent movement are secure and steady and it can stay up at various angles. Compare to EVO RS959 which uses friction-based visor mechanism, SMX open face helmet has enduring and reliable visor rotation mechanism.

SMX Helmet Interior Padding

SMX open face motorcycle helmet inner liner lining is rudimenatry with one basic grey color that is bland and uninspiring. Inner padding and cheek pads are non removeable.

SMX is a no frills dependable open face helmet therefore do not expect any fancy plush material fabric.

SMX Helmet Shell Size Chart

The only advantage of SMX helmet is the helmet sizing which is large and accommodative for those riders who have large earth-shaped head. The EXTRA LARGE sizing 61-62cm fits comfortably without pressing on the forehead.

  • Approved TUV SUD PSB safety label (LTA APPROVED)
  • colour: GLOSSY BLACK
  • sizes: S / M / L / XL
        S : 55-56cm
        M : 57-58cm
        L : 59-60cm
        XL : 61-62cm

    #please take note that dimensions are for references as different brands and models may have different shell sizes that varies. If you are not sure about sizing, feel free to ask

    #Please note that due to nature of photographic differences and monitor color hue saturation differences, there will be slight variation of the color that you receive --Please do not expect exact color in the pictures --Thank you for your understanding

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    • Do you have tinted visor for smX helmet?

      tinted visor not available for SMX helmet but other brands such as TRAX KYT helmets have tinted visor options