SHARK SKWAL Full Face Motorcycle Helmet LED

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SHARK SKWAL full face motorcycle helmet is one of the revolutionary concept that feature LED lights onto the front top and back of a full-face helmet which enhance night road safety.

  • Ventilation: aerodynamic enhanced back spoiler
  • x3 bright GREEN / WHITE LED lights
  • Integrated inner sun visor shield
  • Inner chin air deflector
  • Injected thermoplastic composite shell

SHARK SKWAL Full Face Helmet LED Lights

SHARK SKWAL full face helmet LED lights have 2 modes: BLINKING,  STEADY ON to adjust and suit your night riding condition. For blinking LED mode, it is suitable for heavy / intermittent rain which has low road visibility.

The LED lights has color variation: GREEN / WHITE on the front top and back of the full face helmet.

LED rechargeable battery provides 5 hours of steady operation and 10 hours when in blink mode. Plug in USB cable  (USB cable included) to recharge the LED lights when you are not wearing the helmet.

Rechargeable battery specifications: 5,000 recharge cycles, 5 hours* of continuous operation, 10 hours* while blinking per charge (all times are estimated due to usage variables)

SHARK SKWAL Full Face Helmet Ventilation

SHARK SKWAL full face helmet aerodynamic back spoiler is optimized for stability that features a tail skirting to reduce turbulence. The narrow chin bar is streamlined to cut through the oncoming wind and deflecting turbulence thus stabilizing the full face helmet at high speed.

SHARK SKWAL Full Face LED Helmet Clear Visor Shield

SHARK SKWAL full face helmet has MaxVision Pinlock-ready face shield that includes Pinlock insert lens. SHARK SKWAL LED full face helmet clear face shield has seal-proof to prevent water and air seepage. This also prevents fogging of the clear lens.   

SHARK SKWAL Full Face Helmet Helmet SunVisor Shield

Inner retractable sun visor allow riders to instantly block out UV strong sunlight when riding. For those wearing spectacles, it is convenient for you as there is no need to switch to wearing sunglasses.

SHARK SKWAL full face helmet inner sunshield is activated by the red tab at the left side near to the clear shield. By pushing up and down with your left hand, you can lift the inner sunvisor Up /Down while you are riding. 

SHARK SKWAL Full Face Helmet Padding

The chin strap attachment system uses the simple yet effective double D-ring which are extra-thick. 

Fully removable and washable inner liner and cheek pads are sanitized with hygienic treatment for antibacterial, anti-sweating and hypoallergenic freshness.

SHARK SKWAL Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Size Chart

* S : 55-56cm
* M : 57-58cm
* L : 59-60cm
* XL : 61-62cm

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