NOLAN GREX Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet

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NOLAN GREX EVOLVE flip up motorcycle helmet is NOLAN entry-level flip up modular helmet. NOLAN GREX represent good value for money with efficient air ventilation, comfortable lining and overall high ergonomics.

NOLAN GREX Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet

NOLAN Grex G9.1 and Nolan N91 are derivatives from the same project. You can view the same main features for both flip up modular helmets except for some minor detail changes.

  • Grex G9.1 patented VPS: Vision Protection System
  • retractable inner sun visor
  • airflow ventilation system with rear extractor spoiler
  • SG "PSB TEST" safety label approved

    NOLAN GREX flip up helmet is a mix of the traditional Nolan design with sporty outlook. The lower back spoiler has anti-release that are usually on the formula one helmets.

    NOLAN GREX Flip Up Helmet Airflow

    NOLAN GREX flip up helmet has smooth aerodynamic shape. There are two air intake on the front of the chin-guard that help to reduce fogging of the visor.

    • chin guard air intake vents
    • two upper-head air intake
    • rear air extractor spoiler design

    Airflow ventilation into the helmet is supported by two upper-head air intake and one wide rear air extractor which extract hot air from the inside and expel through the rear back spoiler.

    There is dedicated on/off toggle switch on the chin-guard and upper air intake vents for easy adjustment.

    NOLAN GREX flip up helmet ventilation system provides excellent breathability and continuous cycle of fresh air injection into the helmet interior.

    NOLAN GREX Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet Shield

    NOLAN GREX flip up helmet visor has anti-scratch and fog-resistant treatment. The shield has Pinlock system but anti-fog visor are not included.

    The external clear visor can be easily detached by pushing the button in the middle of the visor rotation system mechanism. The visor shield seals are made of rubber to limit rain from seeping through the gaps.

    The wide visual range ensure the motorcycle rider has full view of the road while riding. NOLAN GREX flip up helmet retractable internal sun-visor stay solid without slippage which means it will stay up firmly.

    To retract the internal sun-visor, you will have to activate the switch selector that is located externally on the left side of the helmet just below the visor rotation mechanism.

    NOLAN GREX Flip Up Helmet Visor Mechanism

    NOLAN GREX flip up helmet visor mechanism is divided in five steps detent which stay up firmly as expected of NOLAN brand quality however there is no safety lock system when closed.

    The Dual Control Lift chin-guard opening system is another patent of NOLAN helmet brand. By push the lower red button and pinching the tab just under your chin guard, you can transform the helmet from full-face to open-face helmet with just one hand.

    There is also a lock mechanism that fix the position of the chin-guard when it’s upright position so that there will no risk of accidental closing of the chin-guard.

    NOLAN GREX Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet Shell

    NOLAN GREX flip up helmet thermoplastic outer shell comes in only one size. The tested weight is 1750 grams as flip-up modular helmets are always heavy.

    NOLAN GREX flip up helmet are double homologation /P-J which are standard label to indicate that NOLAN GREX flip up helmet can be used in open or closed configuration while riding.

    NOLAN GREX Flip Up Helmet Fit Lining

    NOLAN GREX flip up helmet lining are fully removable and washable. The material is fairly satisfactory since the price range is entry level but it is not as plush compared to NOLAN N91 N104.

    The positive effect to have a single shell size is that the padding is quite thick. Please take note that there is no ear cup cavity hole therefore it will be quite uncomfortable for some motorcycle riders who are wearing spectacles.

    NOLAN GREX flip up helmet fitting is quite small because of the restrictive inner lining that is one piece that sealed off the ear chamber.

    please note that NOLAN GREX side cheek pads are quite thick and for those motorcycle rider looking to install bluetooth headsets, you will be disappointed as there are no ear cavity to place the speaker.

    The fabric of the lining is soft but somewhat standard with stitching visible. However choosing NOLAN brand has certain advantages as there is certain high standard to be maintained compared to other brand of flip up motorcycle helmet.

    NOLAN GREX Helmet Size Chart

      S : 55-56cm
    * M : 57-58cm
    * L : 59-60cm
    * XL : 61-62cm
    * XXL : 63-64cm

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    • What head shape is suitable for this helmet? I have a round head shape, with roughly an XL size

      yes NOLAN GREX is round shaped fitting but side cheek pads are quite thick
      there is also 2XL size

    • Hi, can i know the measurement for m?

      hi size M (57cm-58cm) for NOLAN GREX but inner side cheek padding are thick
      pls whatsapp +65 8828 9988 for further chat to help you

    • Can I know the sizing for XL and 2XL? Thank you

      * XL : 61-62cm
      * XXL : 63-64cm