MWUPP Motorcycle Mobile Phone Stem Lock

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Motorcycle mobile phone holder stem anti-theft lock is specifically for MWUPP / SMNU brand. MWUPP SMNU motorcycle mobile phone holder are easily unlock with the simple unscrew of the stem knob and there are many cases of stolen smartphone holder if unattended during parking.

The solution is to buy this special stem knob lock which can be use normally to function as tightening and loosening for the adjustment of the mobile phone holder.

This anti-theft stem lock has two part system:

  • pentagon shaped knob which can only unlock the stem
  • unique lock system body

Installation Instructions:

  • replace the original MWUPP / SMNU stem lock as shown in the pictures
  • mount the anti-theft lock body on the stem with the pentagon-shaped knob
  • use normally to tighten / loosen to adjust the optimum angles
  • take out the pentagon-shaped knob and keep it securely


The pentagon-shaped knob act as the KEY to the anti-theft system, if you lose this knob, it will mean that you will be unable to unscrew to tighten / loosen your mobile phone holder.

Specifications fitting:

  • ONLY for MWUPP / SMNU motorcycle mobile phone holder or those with knob-based tightening system

*Mobile phone holder in the pictures are ONLY for illustration
*Key and phone holder stem are ONLY for illustration

--You are buying 1 set of anti-theft stem lock system

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