MWUPP Fingergrip Motorcycle Smartphone Holder

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MWUPP fingergrip motorcycle smartphone holder provide more support and grip to hold your precious smartphone for navigation. You can use for map navigation, GPS or google map. Feature 360 degree rotational capabilities, suitable for most smartphones Apple iphone / Huawei / HTC / Samsung.

MWUPP fingergrip motorcycle smartphone holder is outfitted with multiple side grip that utilize clamping function to hold your smartphone tightly. Moreover there is top and bottom adjustable height to double secure your all important smartphone.

Please do not buy those cheap plastic mobile phone mount, those are mainly for bicycles, e-scooters, Personal Mobility Device that travel on slow speed.

MWUPP fingergrip motorcycle smartphone holder is specially built for motorcycle with stainless steel clamp and strong metal configuration that can withstand force and high speed without any fear of dislodgement.


--convenient especially for foodpanda, GRABFOOD, DELIVEROO, dispatch riders who need real time map navigation, GPS

--on the road using mapping navigation systems to help riders navigate and communicate safely on the road

--safe and secure your smartphone with tight grip and clamping system

--there is also a safety net to hold your phone please see photos

2 type of mounting:

  • for motorcycle without handlebar eg scooter, vespa, please choose SIDE MIRROR MOUNTING
  • for motorcycle with handle bar, please choose HANDLE BAR mounting

please see pictures for more detailed installation support and examples

Smartphone Support:
Apple iphone 6 Plus / iphone 5/5S

Samsung Galaxy S5 / note3
* Samsung S8 / S9 / S10 are too tall --have to remove the top holder grip


Please note that MWUPP motorcycle smartphone holder fits almost all types of motorcycles except sports bike eg DUCATI MONSTER 994 and 200CC scooters eg KYMCO DOWNTOWN 350I, YAMAHA TMAX XP530 (need special brake reservoir mounting joints)

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  • Have samsung s9+ in a uag case. Finger grip or octopus. Read octopus not tall enough do remove top. So side finger grip better?

    yes ocotpus MWUPP is not tall enough to fit,
    ZELIGE highly recommended as it is tall enough for samsung S9+

    please click below for further details on zelige phone holder

    from previous customers feedback, Finger grip holder has a high chance of smartphone slipping out even with net secure at the back

    due to design flaws, the rubber grip at the sides tend to slip with vibration/knocks

    --many customers has experienced their beloved mobile slipping out/dropping on the road/expressway when riding across bump
    therefore ZELIGE phone holder is a better choice although it is bulky but the side grips are fixed and extension spring are secure enough to clamp down