MT Motorcycle Sunvisor Helmet A1 KRPA KOI Glossy BLACK

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MT motorcycle helmet model SV AVENUE version KRPA A1 KOI FISH DRAGON are inspired by ARAI VZ RAM 3 RAM 5 KOI FISH era where it was wildly popular design trends that are focused on Japanese warrior tattoo themes and art.

MT Helmet A1 KOI FISH DRAGON Motorcycle Helmet design

At the top of the helmet reveal MT HELMET wording in samurai warrior font. The highlight of this MT A1 helmet are graphics on the lateral sides. Both right side and left side depicts different graphics. Let's delve deeper into the right side of MT A1 KOI FISH DRAGON helmet.

At right side of the MT A1 KOI FISH DRAGON helmet reveal an ancient Japanese red fiery dragon rising from the sea.

At the left side of MT A1 KOI FISH DRAGON helmet show a humongous yellow TATTOO inspired KOI fish swimming downwards.

MT Helmet A1 KOI FISH DRAGON Motorcycle Helmet story

For those who are new to Japanese culture, there is a myth of KOI fish that signify wealth and mysterious journey. 

Koi fish, or "nishikigoi" in Japanese, are not only cherished for their beauty but also hold significant cultural symbolism in Japanese mythology. One of the most famous myths tell of a koi fish that swims upstream in the Yellow River, enduring numerous challenges and obstacles in order to to attain enlightenment.

Despite the unrelenting pull of the river downstream, the KOI fish kept its perseverance and determination and finally reaches the top of a waterfall known as the Dragon Gate. Upon this achievement, the koi transforms into a powerful dragon, symbolizing transformation, strength and the rewards of hard work and persistence.

This story reflects the values of resilience and ambition, inspiring many in Japanese culture to strive for success against all odds.

MT Helmet A1 KOI FISH DRAGON Inspiration of Life

KOI fish story serve as a fitting metaphor for us as human through our river of life journey. Inspire by the KOI fish, transformation are available and attainable. Facing tumultuous fast pace of life, we have the choice to undertake the arduous journey and the persistence to continue against all odds despite the obstacles.

MT Helmet A1 KOI FISH DRAGON safety approved

MT helmets are manufactured similar to LAZER JH3 JH5 that comes with inner sunshade and superior comfort inner padding --PSB TUV SUD safety Approved (LTA street legal motorcycle helmet)

MT helmets graphic design are cool with smooth immaculate finishing that combine superior high quality inner padding with retractable inner sunvisor.

MT A1 KOI FISH DRAGON helmet Clear Visor

MT A1 KOI FISH DRAGON helmet clear visor has very wide vision coverage and can shield the whole face right down to your lower chin. There is also extra thick lip to help you pull up the clear visor.

MT helmets A1 BUSHIDO aka samurai helmet visor gear mechanism solid with strong detent.

MT A1 KOI FISH DRAGON Motorcycle Helmet Inner Sunvisor

MT A1 KOI FISH DRAGON helmet retractable inner sunvisor has enough dark tint to block out strong UV sunlight and still enable you to see the road conditions clearly. Unlike some other sunvisor helmet that are too light tinted or otherwise too dark tinted.

The height is just right that stay above your nose bridge. The inner sunvisor switch is easy to activate with gloves and it hold up the inner sunshade perfectly.

MT A1 KOI FISH DRAGON Motorcycle Helmet Air Ventilation

MT A1 KOI FISH DRAGON helmet has two air vents rocker switch on top to allow inflow of fresh aiflow into the helmet. The bottom of helmet has huge air extraction vents. MT helmets A1 KRPA KOI DRAGON MATT BLACK sunvisor helmet has an oval shape for the shell that present a streamline aerodynamic outline. 

MT A1 KOI FISH DRAGON Motorcycle Helmet Lining

MT A1 KOI FISH DRAGON helmet offer premium extra comfort inner cheek padding with classic sleek graphic design.

MT helmets A1 BUSHIDO aka samurai sunvisor helmet truly deliver great value with affordable pricing and excellent features.

MT A1 KOI FISH DRAGON Motorcycle Helmet Size Chart

* M : 57-58cm
* L : 59-60cm
* XL : 61-62cm
* 2XL : 62-63cm

#please take note that dimensions are for references as different brands and models may have different shell sizes that varies. If you are not sure about sizing, feel free to ask

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