MOTUL Motorcycle Chain Lube Cleaner Set

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MOTUL motorcycle C1 chain cleaner C2 chain lubricant set discount for motorcycle riders. Applicable for all types of standard motorcycle chains and O-ring, X-ring and Z-ring. MOTUL Motorcycle Chain Lube C2 has strong chain adhesion even at high speed.

MOTUL Motorcycle Chain Cleaner C1 400ML BENEFITS:

MOTUL C1 chain cleaner is a powerful degreasing agent for all types of motorcycle chains (road and off-road) grease removeal formula is perfectly suited to O-ring, X-ring and Z-ring chains. Evaporates very quickly

  • Effectively removes all encrusted deposits
  • chlorine-free extreme
  • 400ML

MOTUL Motorcycle Chain Lube C2 400ML BENEFITS:

  • Reduces friction and loss of power
  • Increases chain durability
  • Water and rust resistant
  • No effect on seals
  • 400ML

MOTUL Motorcycle Chain Lube C2 comes with free long straw for easy spraying. The spray cap can be inserted within the can cover for easy storage.

MOTUL Motorcycle Chain Lube C2 is applicable for street and off-road motorcycle chain. 


STEP #1: MOTUL C1 chain cleaner
Clean the chain with MOTUL CHAIN CLEANER C1
Shake before use.
Apply to the whole length of the inner chain

STEP #2: FREE Power claw chain brush
You can use FREE motorcycle chain brush after spraying MOTUL C1 chain cleaner for maximum clean result. The claw brush design is able to dig out mud dirt away from upper and lower chain links.

STEP #3: MOTUL C2 chain lubricant
Lubricate your motorcycle chain for optimal performance with MOTUL C2 chain lube  which contains special solvent to eliminate old residue and penetrate deep into the motorcycle chain links.

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