Motorcycle Tyre Repair Kit

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Motorcycle Tyre Repair Kit is an emergency tyre puncture DIY useful for motorcycle riders who encounter puncture tyre. It is effective and practical if you are riding long distance where nearby workshop or towing services are unavailable. For eg, long distance touring on expressway.

This motorcycle tyre repair kit helps you to get your motorcycle on the road by filling up the puncture temporary. You can then find the next nearest repair workshop for a thorough checkup on your motorcycle tyre.

Motorcycle tyre repair kit instruction
How to use :

  1. Find the remove foreign object that caused the puncture
  2. Apply rubber solution on reamer tool, push reamer tool into the puncture hole (please note the direction)
  3. Work your way up and down until the reamer tool moves easily through the puncture hole to remove any blocked objects
  4. push the tyre seal / rubber plug into the hole (please note the direction) until 1/2 inch of the tyre seal/rubber plug remains outside the tyre, then use the hook tool 1/4 turn and pull out slowly
  5. cut the excess tyre seal / rubber plug as close to the tyre as possible
  6. If the puncture hole is too big, please find the nearest repair shop
  7. please note: if the direction of puncture hole is oblique, the tyre seal/rubber plug should also be inserted at the slant angle


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