KABUTO AVAND2 Motorcycle Helmet

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KABUTO AVAND2 open face motorcycle helmet is one of most popular japanese helmet manufacturer besides ARAI SHOEI. KABUTO AVAND2 is the upgrade version from AVAND1 series of open face jet style motorcycle helmet.

KABUTO helmets are assembled with highly innovative patented Japanese technology. The reason why KABUTO open face motorcycle helmets are popular is because of superior quality with real airflow ventilation system with affordable budget range.

KABUTO AVAND2 Helmet Air ventilation

KABUTO AVAND2 open face helmet has real air ventilation performance with proprietary wake stabilizer adopted to suppress the vibration of the helmet during riding. Real air ducts with six holes drilled through the inner shell linking to top air intakes.

Top Aero Ventilation System

Kabuto Top Aero ventilation helps to inject cool air from the front air intakes and expel hot air inside the helmet to the exterior by "negative pressure effect".

Wake stabilizer (Patent No. 4311691)

There are two huge rear stabilizer that is original KABUTO patented design function is to control the interior air flow while riding thus reduce the wind load on the motorcycle rider. 

Rear ventilation Extractor

Rear ventilation extractor has SLIDE ON/OFF switch that discharges hot air that is trapped inside the helmet thus keeping the helmet interior cool.

KABUTO AVAND2 Open Face Helmet Shield System

Single Quick Action shield system (Patent No. 4839373)

You can quickly change the clear visor shield simply by pushing the button of the visor mechanism and it will release the clear shield.

Original Light smoked UV cut shield
Light smoked shield lens are standard original SAJ-P shield (light smoke) which are coated with UV cut function to protect eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays.

KABUTO AVANDA2 standard original SAJ-P shield (light smoke) are street legal as it has only 25% tint.

The wide shield is a favorite among motorcycle riders as you can check blind spots safely and easily.

KABUTO AVAND2 Helmet Interior Padding

KABUTO AVAND2 open face helmet has premium feel that is expected from Japanese manufacturer. The interior padding are fully detachable and according to the instructions it can be washed in the washing machine! 

Eyewear compatible cheek pad

KABUTO AVAND2 open face helmet adopt cheek padding that can accommodate motorcycle riders who are wearing glasses and sunglasses. You can just wear the helmet smoothly without taking off your spectacles.

KABUTO AVAND2 open face helmet padding are Cool Max® material that will evaporate sweat quickly and maintaining comfort with next generation deodorant fiber material.

  • Coolmax ® has the effect of discharging moisture, cooling and drying it by exchanging air entering from the outside, lowering the body surface temperature. CoolMAX also demonstrate excellent water content adjustment function.

TPS (high performance thermoplastic bodyshell ) 

KABUTO AVAND2 open face helmet are lighter in weight due to high performance resin material with excellent impact resistance.

KABUTO AVAND2 Open Face Helmet

  • removeable Coolmax ® inner padding with anti-deodorant fiber
  • high quality patented technology
  • Wake stabilizer (Patent No. 4311691)
  • made in JAPAN technology
  • real air ventilation intakes
  • Standard shield (color): SAJ-P shield (light smoke)

Overall you are buying multi patented technological motorcycle helmet with top quality manufacturing. You can expect high quality predominance from this Japanese brand manufacturer.

KABUTO AVAND2 open face helmet is value added with multiple aerodynamics performance compared to ARAI RAM helmet or SHOEI JFORCE helmet.

KABUTO AVAND2 Open Face Helmet Size Chart

KABUTO AVAND2 open face helmet has distinctive sizing whereby the sides of helmet padding are manufactured such that it clamp to your cheeks.

The shell size are standard which is suitable for those riders with round head shape. If you are oval head shape, you might feel a tiny bit of spacing around the top of your head circling around the temple area.

  S : 55-56cm
* M : 57-58cm
* L : 59-60cm
* XL : 61-62cm
* XXL : 63-64cm

Unsure of which helmet size to take? Please click here for instructions and watch video on how to measure your head for the correct helmet size

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