EVO RS 959 Motorcycle Open Face Helmet MATT GREY

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EVO RS 959 MATT GREY motorcycle helmet is one of the most popular series special limited edition production with matt finishing styling. EVO RS959 helmet is popular because of narrower visor opening giving the rider a sharp look with racing stylishness.

EVO RS 959 Limited Edition is modelled after ARAI SZ RAM III and it can be safely said that the level of quality has risen throughout the batches.
  • LTA Approved by PSB safety sticker
  • colour: MATT Grey

EVO RS 959 Helmet Front and Rear Air Vent Flow

There is a central air diffuser mounted at the top center of the motorcycle helmet. EVO RS959 helmet top ventilation are driven by three top mounted buttons which act as a shut off ventilation system. By toggling the switches forward, you can control the air flow pressures for the air flow

EVO RS 959 Limited Edition Face Shield

EVO RS 959 Limited Edition helmet face shield is constructed such that it is unbreakable. It is made up of advanced polycarbonate material not found in common motorcycle helmet visors. As EVO RS 959 has passed the PSB TEST safety requirements, one of the criteria is how a motorcycle helmet visor will affect the rider in the case of an accident. The face shield does not twist or torque when raised or lowered.

However in recent years, the disadvantage of wearing EVO RS959 helmet is the visor mechanism system. After prolonged usage, the visor will loosen up until it is frustrating to use as face visor shield will not stay up.

EVO RS 959 Limited Edition Visor Rotation Mechanism

EVO RS 959 Limited Edition visor rotation mechanism uses the friction system to hold the face shield. When you raised the visor, it allows a virtually unlimited choice for positioning. It also keeps the face shield tight against the eye port gasket. The gasket completely surrounds the eye port and the combination of the tight fit and full gasket make the face shield watertight.

Changing the helmet visor takes a bit of skill, definitely not for the novice. You need to twist the two side pods to a 90 degree angle before you can pull them out. Do not attempt to pull out if you are unsure as the side pods are very delicate.

EVO RS 959 Limited Edition Helmet Front Air Ventilation Flow

There are upper vent scoops and rear exhaust covers to ventilate a motorcycle helmet by pulling the hot stale air out, rather than supplying fresh air in. Although EVO RS 959 Limited Edition is a half face motorcycle helmet, its Air Ventilation System is comparable to a full face motorcycle helmet. There is a central air diffuser mounted at the top center.

EVO RS 959 Limited Edition Helmet Lining

EVO RS 959 Limited Edition helmet has a top quality plush lining, which is removable and washable.  It consists of separate pieces including the cheek pads and inner lining.  Mesh linings material allow moisture and heat to transfer from your head into the airflow inside the helmet. This leaves your head dry and cool during your ride.

The chin strap uses the simple yet effective double D-ring closure system, and there's a nice black button provided to secure the loose end of the strap when riding. (see pictures) Small details such as an engraved "EVO" logo at the D-ring makes you feel owning a EVO RS 959 Limited Edition helmet is truly worthwhile.

As you can see from picture, the neck opening is not round, however there are more cushion material added to the neck roll area so that you can feel comfortable.



EVO RS 959 Helmet Size Chart

* S : 55-56cm
* M : 57-58cm
* L : 59-60cm
* XL : 61-62cm

#please take note that dimensions are for references as different brands and models may have different shell sizes that varies. If you are not sure about sizing, feel free to ask

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