Emergency Portable Motorcycle Battery Charger

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Emergency portable motorcycle battery charger for output 12V 6A is ideal for long distance touring which act as a back up battery kickstarter or for those who park their motorcycle for long period of time where the battery is not charged up.

Please take note that this battery charger is portable that means its sole fuction is to kickstart your battery only. NOT for charging up motorcycle battery fully.


  • intelligent output 20ah-45ah-60ah
  • input 220 volt( for charging the battery charger)
  • OUTPUT voltage = 14.4V
  • charging voltage out = 15.8V
  • charging current out = +/- 5A
  • power socket = 80 cm length
  • charging nodes = 40 cm length
  • LED Battery indicator
  • Stable voltage out with internal cooling fan

RED clip node is for +POSITIVE
BLACK clip node is for -NEGATIVE


WARNING DANGER: DO NOT use this battery charger to charge up your motorcycle battery, it will cause explosions.

#This battery charger sole function is to kickstart your motorcycle battery.

#No warranty

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