ARAI RX7X Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Pedrosa Samurai

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Buy ARAI RX7X Full face Helmet: ARAI the world famous premium helmet manufacturer has push helmet technology and rider protection even further by creating a full face motorcycle helmet that is designed to minimize the effect of "glancing off" impact and protect against direct impact.

Arai RX7X Pedrosa Samurai full face motorcycle helmet is a tribute to Daniel "Dani" Pedrosa who is a Spanish Grand Prix MOTO GP motorcycle racer.

  • VAS (Variable Axis System) shield
  • VAS MAX Vision face shield
  • Quick release Dual function lever sidepod
  • new IC Duct-5 provides 11% more air flow
  • new chin curtain drawing more air from the mouth area

ARAI RX7X VAS Shield System

Arai RX7X Pedrosa Samurai Motorcycle Helmet VAS pivot cover is now smaller and lower than previous RX7 design. This allows increased shield opening and closing area by 24mm for shield mount position. The VAS (Variable Axis System) has a variable axis moving pivot point compared to the Arai RX7. Arai RX7X Pedrosa helmet comes with a Pinlock insert and the face shield has a recess to hold the insert.

Once you put on Arai RX7X Pedrosa full face helmet, you will immediately notice improved upward visibility and horizontal visibility.

ARAI RX7X VAS Latch System

Arai RX7X Pedrosa helmet VAS shield latch system hold the shield down more securely to prevent unexpected opening in the even at high speed. In addition to an anti-fog position, the larger latch design allows for an intuitive and seamless operation of the shield. The new feature is Formula 1 inspired with face shield lock and catch on the lower left side. Arai RX7X Pedrosa helmet VAS shield latch system is a rocker-type lever that pops the face shield off of the lock and allows a small opening for defogging.

ARAI RX7X Full face Helmet Ventilation

ARAI has a world famous reputation for having the most effective ventilation system of a full-face motorcycle helmet. There are three air vents on top of Arai RX7X Pedrosa helmet. As in ARAI engineering, these three air vents can be adjusted in various configurations (closed, half open and fully open) to control the huge volume of airflow that comes through the top.

Arai RX7X Pedrosa helmet has the same rear spoiler that can be raised or angled to one of three positions or lowered to its base location. The rear air exhausts have a lever that can close the vents to two different positions. ARAI RX7X helmet air ventilation system has been perfected over the years on the racetracks.

ARAI RX7X Chin Curtain Airflow

Arai RX7X Pedrosa Samurai Motorcycle Helmet features a chin curtain that block turbulent air underneath the full face helmet. This also increases negative pressure to expel hot air through the exhaust ventilation system.

Arai RX7X Pedrosa helmet chin vent retain the Arai design type that deliver air directly through the chin bar.

ARAI RX7X Full Face Helmet Ventilation Diffuser

New Type 12 diffusers are 20mm longer and suck in 19% more air than the previous design. In addition, the new air intake vents have three positions and are designed to help provide improved sealing which decreases road noise and water seepage.

ARAI RX7X helmet noise level

Depending on the individual, perceived helmet noise levels will vary. Helmet noise levels is a subjective matter that can be caused by many factors which include helmet fit, the type of motorcycle(full face/modular/open face) and windscreen (wide/narrow), wind speed and direction.

Arai RX7X Pedrosa Samurai Motorcycle Helmet is primarily designed for motorcycle racing, so it is natural that in a lowered position on a sportbike, the noise levels decrease. However if you are sitting straight-up, riding will catch more wind in the top vents and combine with ARAI RX7X large windscreen, helmet noise levels will vary with your experience.

From various tests results, ARAI RX7X is more quiet especially at the upper air vents area.

ARAI RX7X Full Face Helmet PB-SNC2 Shell

Arai RX7X Pedrosa helmet shell is constructed from Super Fiber and other special synthetic fibers developed for Formula 1 helmet visor panels, assembled by Arai in-house professionals. A specially-developed resin creates stronger bonds between shell materials with less weight. Arai RX7X Pedrosa helmet shell provides tensile strength and flexibility characteristics.

Arai RX7X Pedrosa helmet shell is now smoother along the Snell test line in the temple area, thus increasing the helmet's ability to glance off objects during impact. Having a rounder, smoother shell over a larger area increases the ability of a helmet to glance off objects more easily. Arai RX7X Pedrosa helmet has slightly modified shell shape that still adheres to the Arai "R75" radius design.

"PB SNC2" shell stands for : Peripheral Belting & Structural Net Composite2

ARAI RX7X full face helmet interior

The internal shape of Arai RX7X Pedrosa helmet has shape of neutral Oval. The fully removable interior liner system is made from EcoPure material, which helps maintain neutral pH levels and antibacterial components. The interior lining includes Arai's signature 5mm ear pocket padding and ear pocket recess to accommodate wireless communicator speakers.

Arai RX7X Pedrosa helmet interior fabric is actually a bit more rough feeling compared to other plush lining material of other brands

ARAI RX7X Helmet Colors

RX7X Dani Pedrosa Samurai is gorgeous. The blue bright flakes is stunning in the sun light. The red fades from a deep, rich red to a fluorescent red

Aluminum Silver, Matt Black, -Nicky-6  -Nakasuga -Spencer30th 

Vianales -Doohan Star -Haslam Black -Hayes --Russell -HRC -Schwantz 93 -Pedrosa Samurai -Giugliano -Isle Of Man TT

Arai RAM 4 Helmet in Special Editions

 Watch out for special edition graphics first in Helmetboys. Stay tuned for more pictures helmet in special colors.

ARAI RX7X Helmet Size Chart

* S : 55-56cm
* M : 57-58cm
* L : 59-60cm
* XL : 61-62cm
* XXL : 63-64cm
* XXXL : 65-66cm

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