VEMAR Breeze Motorcycle Open Face Helmet

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VEMAR BREEZE is an 3/4 jet style open face motorcycle helmet for those riders considering airflow ventilation.

VEMAR BREEZE Helmet Air Vent Flow

Open face 3/4 style motorcycle helmets ventilation always provide excellent airflow since most of your head are not fully covered. VEMAR BREEZE helmet has an gigantic air intake at the top with smooth streamline design over at the back.

VEMAR BREEZE helmet has subtle appealing elegance due to its aesthetic design. Top shutter has grooves that is easy to operate with ON/OFF switch.

VEMAR BREEZE Helmet Visor Rotation Mechanism

VEMAR BREEZE helmet is lightweight that feature functional drop-down sun-visor which is activated by a hidden integrated rotating inner wheel on the left visor mechanism trim cover.

You have to rotate the big wheel at the left side visor cover in order to activate the sunshade.

VEMAR BREEZE 3/4 helmet has full face coverage clear visor with a distinct lower rounding for increased coverage of the chin. Especially useful for blocking heavy rain to keep your chin and neck area dry.

VEMAR BREEZE Helmet Interior Padding

VEMAR BREEZE helmet 3/4 open face motorcycle helmet lining is rudimentary with one basic color. Inner padding is detachable but there are no real cheek pads available as the design is jet retro styled.

VEMAR BREEZE helmet cushion padding is soft fabric architecture which is comfortable to wear for long hours. VEMAR logo trimmings at the interior inner liner reflect sophistication.

VEMAR BREEZE Helmet Shell Construction Design

For motorcycle riders who like simplicity, VEMAR BREEZE helmet outline is not too radical. VEMAR BREEZE helmet ABS shell material consist of proprietary blend of polycarbonate and space age thermoplastics.

VEMAR BREEZE Helmet Size Chart

Please take note that VEMAR BREEZE shell size is very small, feel free to ask in the chat button if your are unsure about helmet sizing.

If your head shape is big and rounded, this type of 3/4 open face helmet might not suit you as the shell size is too small and the helmet will be not be covering all of your head.

Ideal for ladies riders, scooter retro style motorcycle

  • LTA Approved PSB TUV SUV safety label
  • colour: MATT BLACK
  • sizes: S / M / L / XL
        S : 55-56cm
        M : 57-58cm
        L : 59-60cm
        XL : 61-62cm

#please take note that dimensions are for references as different brands and models may have different shell sizes that varies. If you are not sure about sizing, feel free to ask

#Please note that due to nature of photographic differences and monitor color hue saturation differences, there will be slight variation of the color that you receive --Please do not expect exact color in the pictures --Thank you for your understanding

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