Motorcycle Rider Rain Protection

As a motorcycle rider, you are constantly face with natural elements such as heat, sudden rain showers, rainstorms. You need a basic essential set of motorcycle rain protection kit to protect yourself.

For example, riding in the rain without raincoat is so dangerous as you are frustrated and anxious to get to your destination. You may overlook basic safety checks or some riders even ride faster like a superman with the head and body bend horizontally. Even though your posture may look like a superman, but in reality you still cannot avoid the incessant rain drops.

Moreover, drenching wet to the skin is such a lousy feeling with your pants trousers wet to the core. If you have the option, you would rather like stay dry.

If you are thinking that you can stop by the highway rain shelter / expressway underpass / CTE tunnel and sit out the rain. Yes you can sit out the rain, but it is so boring and time wasting as you may not know when the rain will stop. Especially if you are riding with your loved ones (girlfriend / wife).

More importantly, if your are riding with pillion, please ensure you have a spare set of motorcycle raincoat. You may not want to leave a bad impression with your pillion girlfriend drenched to the skin.

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