X-GRIP motorcycle phone holder

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As technology advances, mobile phone is a great tool for map navigation, GPS or google map. 360 degree motorcycle mobile smartphone holder

--convenient especially for foodpanda, ubereats deliveroo singpost dispatch riders who need real time GPS

--on the road using mapping navigation systems to help riders navigate and communicate safely on the road

--safe and secure your smartphone with tight grip and clamping system

--there is also a safety net to hold your phone please see photos

there are 2 type of mounting:

  • for motorcycle without handlebar eg scooter, vespa, please choose SIDE MIRROR MOUNTING
  • for motorcycle with handle bar, please choose HANDLE BAR mounting

Tips on buying correct motorcycle mobile phone holder

HelmetBoys has many different phone holder models available but most important is what type of mobile phone model are you using ?

The reason is because different mobile phone size need different phone holder example samsung S7 S8 S9 series are narrower but longer.

The newer apple iphone from 6plus iphone X are too long and too large ..buying wrong phone holder will trigger the sound/volume button or even power button

Therefore its best if you come down personally to try on different motorcycle mobile phone holder

Or you can ask questions below in the ASK column, HelmetBoys will assist you in choosing the most suitable motorcycle mobile phone holder

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  • If for bike model FZ16 which phone holder is the best? I am using iPhone 7plus.

    iphone 7 plus has large dimension, current X-GRIP is too small, the spring of the grip will be over-extended
    advisable to buy :
    BELTA click here>

    or Xtra big MWUPP

    or 6 grip phone holder

    choose (handle bar mounting) for FZ16

  • Hi i wanna buy a phone holder for my bike my phone model is samsung note 9 and im riding a cb190ss please advice thank you.

    samsumg note 9 is big and its height is high
    please choose bigger phone holder --BIG X / finger grip
    please choose handle bar mounting

  • I’m using duke2000 and I’m using iPhone XR , which phone holder will be best ?

    duke2000 choose handle bar mounting --iphone XR is big --pls choose bigger phone holder eg MWUPP extra big / MWUPP finger grip

  • Which mobile holder is better for iPhone 11 Pro Max between BELTA motorcycle phone holder AND X-GRIP motorcycle phone holder ?

    iphone 11 is huge pls choose bigger phone holder / MWUPP extra big / MWUPP finger grip /
    BELTA is still possible but the spring of the grip holder will be extremely stretched

  • For suzuki katana... i'm using samsung s7 edge... which holder should i use? I know its going to be side mirror mounting

    samsung s7 has slim width & tall height proportion --option available MWUPP finger grip / 6 grip / BELTA
    suzuki katana has handle bar -- you should mount it onto handle bar for more secure fit unless you like to mount it on mirror

  • i’m using iphone 11 which holder should i buy

    you should buy bigger holder eh , extra big X / MWUPP finger grip model

    pls check here for all series


  • Question 1: im riding a sliverwing 400, so i should get a mirror mount right because i dont think there is any space left on the handle bar Question 2: i have two phones , 1 iphone 7 plus and 1 samsung A51 , both have slight different in size , is there any holder which can fit both phones ?

    Question 1: im riding a sliverwing 400
    answer: please choose mirror mounting or there is special BRAKE reservoir mounting for more secure stable mount (if unsure pls come down to HELMETBOYS retail store for further advise)

    Question 2: i have two phones , 1 iphone 7 plus and 1 samsung A51
    answer: for more convenience, buy X-grip type of phone mount eg click below


    as you do not need to adjust the spacing grip ( finger grip mount need to adjust the width )

  • Hello I would like to purchase a phone holder for honda cbr 400, phone model S8. Which phone holder would you recommend?

    samsung S8 phone is tall more suited for BELTA / MWUPP BIG X choose handle bar option

  • Hi Team HelmetBoys, Heard MWUPP is good for phone mounts. My phone is IPhone 11 Pro Max Which is the recommended model and cost please. My bike is FZ8 Thank you Philip Pow

    IPhone 11 Pro Max is too small to use this X-grip --
    recommended to use MWUPP extra big or
    MWUPP Fingergrip Motorcycle Smartphone Holder
    or ZELIGE octopus for even more secure grip

    ZELIGE Octopus Motorcycle Mobile Phone Holder
    please choose handle bar mounting for YAMAHA FZ8 fazer

  • Hi. Which phone mount is suitable for a note 10 plus on the sym gts 200?

    NOTE 10 plus must use bigger phone mount
    currently the best in the market is octopus design which have all round secure grip
    click here
    ZELIGE Octopus Motorcycle Mobile Phone Holder
    MWUPP Fingergrip Motorcycle Smartphone Holder

    as for SYM GTS200 depending on your mirror mount whether the mirror stem is mounted in front
    then you have to use brake reservoir type of mounting

    for SYM GTS200 normal 10mm screw type of mirror then you can choose "MIRROR MOUNT"