LIQUIMOLY Motorcycle Helmet Cleaner Bundle

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LIQUIMOLY motorcycle visor cleaner and LIQUIMOLY motorcycle helmet lining cleaner bundle discount.

LiquiMoly Motorbike Visor Cleaner Benefits:

  • clean motorcycle helmet visors safely for plastic and glass shield
  • active anti-fogging elements for glass and plastic visors
  • remove dirt, mud, smudges, silicon residues effectively with long-lasting effect
  • provides clear vision for rider's safety
  • 100ML

You can use LIQUIMOLY motorcycle visor cleaner as anti-fogging spray and there is no distorted view.

LiquiMoly Motorbike Helmet Lining Cleaner Benefits:

  • cleans helmet inner lining padding gently and thoroughly without water
  • removes bacteria and provide a pleasant, fresh fragrance
  • provide a thin layer of protective film to prevent dirt from accumulating
  • 300ML

Using LIQUIMOLY motorcycle helmet lining cleaner saves you the trouble of handwashing your motorcycle inner padding, cheekpads.

The advantages are twofold: you avoid constant washing of your motorcycle helmet thus reduces wear and tear of your motorcycle helmet interior and also extending the padding lifecycle. Easy to use by spraying a thin layer.


Shake vigorously before use. Next, spray onto a soft cloth or rag and rub into the fabric uniformly using slight pressure. Test plastic components on a suitable spot beforehand to make sure that the colours are not affected. Do not use the helmet immediately after cleaning as the product is based on a water/alcohol solution.

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