Motorcycle Chain Lube Cleaner

As a motorcycle rider, it is the owner's responsibility to take care of your motorcycle chain for a long lasting mileage.

Maintenance of motorcycle chain by using quality branded chain lubricant such as BELRAY (Made in USA), MOTUL (Made in France), LIQUIDMOLY (Made in Germany) MUC OFF (Made in UK) can ensure a smooth power transmission to your wheels.

There are many types of motorcycle chain lubricant, some are sticky white adhesive, some are clear liquid oil-based. You should use a motorcycle chain lubricant for every 200km.  If you see your motorcycle chain is clogged up with mud, grease, its time do some cleaning maintenance to extend the chain life.

Every bit goes a long way, its better to lubricate than to do nothing. Therefore if you are diligent enough to clean and lubricate, you should experience a smoother power transmission while riding.

Motorcycle Chain Lubricant TIPS

Avoid anything too sticky, it will just accumulate dirt and turn your chain into a grinding sludge paste that will actually increase the wear and friction of the sprockets.

Please DO NOT use WD40 spray on a motorbike chain, the reason is because it will dissolve any lubricant in the bearings and evaporate all those chain lubricant that you have spray earlier.

Also please do not believe in product that claims to be chain cleaner and chain lubricant combine in one bottle *hint WD40.

Each function of a chain cleaner and chain lubricant is different and how can these two function in the same bottle?

It is prudent to stick to established motorcycle brands such as MOTUL, LIQUIDMOLY, MUC OFF that specialize in manufacturing for racing factory motorcycle products.

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