KYT Motorcycle Sunvisor Helmet LUCA MACRONI

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KYT VENOM motorcycle helmet LUCA MACRONI fitted with internal sunvisor and soft superior cushion

Popular KYT VENOM LUCA MACRONI sunvisor helmet has superdry yellow/black motif design on top of the helmet.

KYT VENOM sunvisor helmets has dozen of other graphic racer styles that will bedazzle your eyes. MOTO2 MOTO3 professional racers ANDREA IANNONE, SIMEON, ESPARAGO LOCATELLI, KASMA DANIEL, AXEL BASSANI, LUCA MACRON are some of individual unique designs on KYT sunvisor helmet. 

KYT Motorcycle Helmet LUCA MACRONI

Luca Marconi is an Italian motorcycle racer who is currently racing Yamaha YZF-R1 in the European Superstock 1000 Championship and the Endurance FIM World Cup. Luca Marconi has competed in the 125cc World Championship and the Supersport World Championship.

KYT VENOM Motorcycle Helmet Clear Visor

KYT sunvisor helmet clear visor has very wide vision coverage and can shield the whole face right down to your lower chin. Visual properties is true to the eye and does not have any degree variation.

KYT sunvisor helmet visor gear mechanism has solid strong detent.

KYT VENOM Motorcycle Helmet Inner Sunvisor

KYT sunvisor helmet retractable inner sunvisor is spring loaded. Initally you will be confused on how to activate the sunvisor. Most commonly used system is a sunvisor switch to either pull it or push it down.

But for KYT sunvisor mechanism, it is the opposite, you just press a button to activate the sunvisor and it will pop down instantly. To retract back the sunvisor, you need to pull the switch.

The height of sunvisor is big enough that cover till above your nose bridge. Spring loaded sunvisor has disadvantage of losing the spring tightness but the quality of KYT sunvisor mechanism is assured.

KYT VENOM Motorcycle Sunvisor Helmet Lining

KYT sunvisor helmet offer extra comfort thick inner cheek padding. KYT sunvisor helmet deliver great value with affordable pricing and excellent graphics design styles.

KYT VENOM Motorcycle Sunvisor Helmet Size Chart

* M : 56-57cm
* L : 57-58cm
* XL : 58-59cm
* 2XL : 59-60cm

#KYT VENOM helmet sizing tends to be smaller due to extreme thick chunky side cheek pads and tighter oval shape fit

#please take note that dimensions are for references as different brands and models may have different shell sizes that varies. If you are not sure about sizing, feel free to ask

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  • If my normal helmet size is S should I take M? or if my normal helmet size is M should I take L?

    hi if normal helmet size is size SMALL
    yes you can order size M

    if your normal helmet size is M you should order size L
    as KYT fitting has small shell sizing