LAZER MH6 Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet DNA WHITE BLACK

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LAZER MH6 DNA WHITE BLACK GLOSSY is high quality flip up modular helmet PSB TUV SUD safety (LTA Approved) which represent good value for money with efficient air ventilation, superior plush lining and overall high ergonomics. Comparable helmets within budget include NOLAN GREX, HJC IS-Max 2.

LAZER MH6 Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet DNA WHITE BLACK

LAZER MH6 flip up motorcycle helmet DNA WHITE BLACK

  • retractable inner sun visor
  • anti-fog visor
  • airflow ventilation system with rear extractor spoiler
  • SG "TUV SUD PSB TEST" safety label approved

    LAZER brand originate from Belgium.

    LAZER MH6 Flip Up Modular Helmet Airflow DNA WHITE BLACK

    LAZER MH6 DNA WHITE BLACK provides efficent combination airflow that keeps you cool and prevents fogging with anti-fog visor

    • frontal air intake
    • chin guard air intake vents
    • two upper-head pop up side air intakes
    • dual rear air extractor spoiler design
    Airflow ventilation into the helmet is supported by two scoops at upper-head air outtakes on the left/right side and dual exhaust vents that displace inner hot air through the rear aerodynamic slope.

    dedicated chin-guard air intakes, single huge air ventilation plus two exhaust vents at the rear of the helmet to provide superior airflow and cooling features through the ergonomic design.

    LAZER MH6 flip up helmet ventilation system provides excellent breathability and continuous cycle of fresh air injection into the helmet interior.

    LAZER MH6 Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet Face Shield

    LAZER MH6 DNA WHITE BLACK flip up motorcycle helmet clear shield has wide field of vision. The scratch-resistant clear face shield can be partially or fully open and stays securely in place. The face shield is Pinlock MaxVision that are easy to swap.

    The integrated sunvisor is huge that cover fully all the way down to your nose bridge.

    To activate the internal sun-visor, you will have to use the left-side mounted slider lever which latches smooth like a butter. It feels really good to activate and precise that conveys functionality.

    LAZER MH6 Flip Up Helmet Fit Lining DNA WHITE BLACK

    LAZER MH6 DNA WHITE BLACK GLOSSY flip up helmet lining are fully removable and washable. The mesh material is well made that gives off a premium feel.

    LAZER MH6 helmet fit from side to side movement feels snug with no unexpected shaking. Suitable for some motorcycle riders who are wearing spectacles.

    The high quality fabric of the lining is soft and comfortable with snug fitting side cheek padding. You can feel that the overall inner padding are built to last.

    LAZER MH6 Modular Flip Up Helmet Size Chart

      S : 55-56cm
    * M : 57-58cm
    * L : 59-60cm
    * XL : 61-62cm
    * XXL : 63-64cm

    LAZER MH6 Modular Flip Up Helmet DNA WHITE BLACK

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