SSDC BBDC CDC new motorcycle rider CONGRATS package

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Congrats ! way to go ! Awesome :) you have finally passed SSDC BBDC CDC motorcycle learner student course. Now with newly minted licence, you are duly rewarded for your hardwork and perseverance - enjoy your newfound FREEDOM.

However you must still be very careful and do not forget what you learned in the riding center.

VERY IMPORTANT SAFETY TIPS that will save you:

  • always check blindspots
  • keep a safety distance away from front vehicles
  • defensive riding

Although there are no instructors overlooking at you, without actual road experience, it is still a landmine out there especially with impatient motorists that are paying higher road tax than you *wink

New Rider Congrats package is part of essential must have items when you are riding on your own.

P (Probation) Plate 
Upon obtaining your Class 2B Motorcycle Riding Licence, you will be placed on probation for one year.

You are required by law to display the Probation Plate during the probationary period of 1 year.

Penalty for failing to display the Probation Plate?
The penalty for failing to display the Probation Plate is SGD S$ 120.00 without demerit points. However, the driving licence will be revoked for repeated offender.

You should not accumulate more than 12 demerit points during probation period. If you do, Traffic Police may revoke your licence.

HelmetBoys New Rider Congrats package includes: 

  • Motorcycle Smartphone Holder  x1 full set
        -specific brand model of phone holder ONLY
         -top up charges apply if unsuitable for your smartphone size
         -inclusive of full accessories (handle bar mounting / OR mirror mount)
         -subject to changes picture for illustration ONLY*
  • P Plate stickers x2pcs

P plate stickers are easy to paste on your front end and back end fender of your motorcycle.

*please take note that phone holder model listed are subject to changes due to stock availability / suitability for your smartphone. (pictures for illustration ONLY)

Why do I need Motorcycle Smartphone Holder?

Motorcycle smartphone holder allow motorcycle riders for safe usage of google map navigation and secure your smartphone properly without taking your eyes off the road.

Unless you have an excellent memory and after many years of taking public transportation, you must be lost as you are free to navigate the public roads.

Google map is your only friend in navigating through the expressways, entry and exits and also North South highways if your ready to fly for some adventure riding !

You can also listen to music by placing your smartphone safely when you have bought motorcycle bluetooth headset.

Do NOT buy those plastic cheap phone holder meant for PMD / escooters

Install these bicycles / PMD holders at your own risks! There are many horror examples of rusted joints and smartphone dropping off midway through the journey.

Do not stinge on smartphone holder! You precious expensive smartphone already costs many 10X times over those cheap plastic bicycle phone holder.

    #please take note that different smartphone brands and models may not fit into the CONGRATS package mobile phone holder. If you are not sure about motorcycle phone holder sizing, feel free to ask below or whastapp us for advice in choosing the correct motorcycle smartphone holder size.

    Some smartphone holder will trigger the volume buttons / BIXBY / POWER buttons because of placing of the holder grips. It will be a great inconvenience if your smartphone is always constantly triggered by the grip buttons.

    How to BUY New Rider CONGRATS package

    Please add to cart and leave us a note on whether to choose ( handle bar mounting / mirror mounting )
    If you are novice and unsure how to choose, please come down to HELMETBOYS retail store to purchase in person as you can try out the different fitting for your smartphone as some smartphones are too big to allow for standard size motorcycle phone holder.

    #pictures are for illustrations purposes, subjected to stock availability, reserve the right to replace items of similar value --package items are determined by --all decisions are final

    #SSDC stands for Singapore Safety Driving Center
    #BBDC stands for Bukit Batok Driving Center
    #CDC stands for ComfortDelgro Driving Center

    *Package items are fixed and subject to availability with replacement of similar value

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