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CABERG DUKE Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet

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CABERG DUKE Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet

Introducing CABERG DUKE flip up motorcycle helmet. Caberg "DUKE" model represent the best value for money flip up motorcycle helmet in terms of features, high quality and resonable price. CABERG is made 100% in ITALY and claim to be the first Italian manufacturer to produce the modular flip up motorcycle helmets, beating the world renowed brand NOLAN.

CABERG flip up helmet logo

Duke is the latest Caberg flip-up helmet from Italian manufacturer, featuring a captivating stylish motocross-inspired look and has excellent build quality with construction, paint, and all moving parts much better than the average flip-up helmets.

  • Approved by PSB safety label
  • Integrated Sun Visor
  • Integrated Ventilation System
  • Fully removable, washable inner lining
  • Anti Scratch, Anti Fog visor
  • Quick Release System
  • Made in ITALY

CABERG DUKE flip up motorcycle helmet slant

CABERG DUKE Flip Up Helmet Face Shield Inner Sun Visor

The CABERG DUKE helmet is a flip up helmet that boasts dual visor technology to ensure that you can get rid of sun glare at the push of a lever. The CABERG DUKE flip up helmet is ideal for commuting long distance touring.

CABERG DUKE Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet sunvisor

You can easily flip down the internal sun visor which is located on top of the helmet. SUN VISOR OPERATION: The sun visor is operated using the slider lever located on top of the helmet. To lower the sunvisor, push the slider upwards. To retract the sunvisor, push the slider downwards. The dark inner sun visor can be rotated independently from the clear face shield.

CABERG DUKE Flip Up Face Shield

Caberg Duke has an extra-large, Pinlock-ready face shield with a convenient centrally-located lift tab. The water proof face shield seals against the eye port gasket.

CABERG DUKE Flip Up waterproof face shield

Caberg Duke has excellent anti-fog vent system which perform its job of removing mist.

CABERG DUKE Flip Up anti fog system

Caberg DUKE clear visor are anti-scratch treated which prolong usage however spare clear face shield are readily available.

CABERG DUKE Flip up anti scratch visor

CABERG DUKE Flip Up Helmet Visor Rotation Mechanism

When you lift up the rotating chin bar, the detents go all the way to the top most position until you hear a "click" sound where the strong detent holds it firmly in place. As CABERG DUKE does not use any spring mechanism on the rotating chin bar, it provide a real solid snap sound when it is opened up or closed.

CABERG DUKE Flip Up helmet side view

There are many advanced innovative features such as Quick Release System, which allow you to change the clear visor in seconds without any tools needed.

CABERG DUKE Flip Up quick release

Caberg pioneered the P/J dual-homologation feature on their flip-up helmets with features allowing it to be used legally on the road with the chin guard open or closed. It is another addition to Caberg’s innovative leadership in flip up motorcycle helmets.

CABERG DUKE Flip Up dual visor

You can flip-up the chin bar by depressing a centrally located button. Caberg DUKE has five detent system to hold the face shield. When you raised the visor, it allows you to have a stable choice for positioning. The visor rotates way up above the brow of the helmet shell.


Another feature of Caberg DUKE is that you can locked the rotating chin bar in the "UP" position. Firstly, you open by pressing a large rubberized button in the front. You can use your thumb to grab the bottom edge of the chin bar for leverage. As the visor is raised, it offers no resistance until it hits a very stiff detent at the top of its range, where it clicks into place with a solid sound.

CABERG Duke is P and J homologated, it is legal to ride in Europe with the flip-up visor in the raised position. There is a small spring-loaded lock on the left side of the helmet, just behind the face shield.

If the slider is pushed towards the front, in the "J" position, the chin bar will rotate up but then lock in the raised position. Please do not force it down as you will spoiled the mechanism. To release chin bar from "UP Locked" position, you pull the slider button all the way until you hear a click sound. Now you can pull down the chin bar to close the helmet fully.

If you're not planning on riding with the flip-up visor in the raised position, push the slider all the way back until it snaps into the "P" position. Now the flip-up visor can be raised or lowered and it will pause only in the detent at the fully raised position.

CABERG DUKE Flip Up Helmet Air Ventilation

There are five air intakes on the triangulated "nose" that forms the chin bar. The stylish CABERG DUKE motocross-inspired design has captivated many riders.

CABERG DUKE Flip up top air ventialtion

The chin vent does flow a good amount of air into the helmet and the large chin curtain underneath helps block the air from flowing in from underneath

To be honest, the top air vent system is not that efficent. You cannot feel the direct airflow onto the rider's head due to the blockage of inner padding. However given the very resonable price you paid for, you cannot compare Caberg DUKE to the likes of AGV NUMO or NOLAN N-series flip up helmet.

The air comes in through the top vent and down through two vertical holes, where it's vented into the channels

CABERG DUKE Flip Up helmet aerodynamic

There is a large air intake vent for improved aerodynamic capacity which is tested in the wind tunnel. The CABERG ventilation system ensures that there is a large flow of air throughout the helmet for optimum comfort.

CABERG DUKE Flip Up anti turbulence

Due to the shape of CABERG DUKE helmet, there is anti-turbulence nape shield.

CABERG DUKE Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet Shell Construction

CABERG DUKE flip up helmet Multi Density E.P.S. (inner shell) shell construction. You can rest assured with a piece of mind that CABERG DUKE Motorcycle Helmet has passed stringent Singapore Safety Standards SS 9: 1992 and attained the "PSB TEST Approved" safety label.

CABERG DUKE is actually very light weight when compared to other flip-up helmets. It is among the lightest of all the flip-up helmets weighing at 1650 grams.

CABERG DUKE Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet Padding

The padding is not as thick as other premium flip up helmets but its internal shape makes a good comfort fit on rider's head. Fully removeable inner padding and cheek pads.

CABERG DUKE Flip up removeable inner lining

An extra-thick foam and fabric lining covers each ear pocket, and the EPS liner is shaped to fit speakers.

CABERG DUKE Flip up inner lining

There is Caberg "Just Speak" Bluetooth system however you can buy any bluetooth external system which can easily fit onto the shell using a typical intercom clamp.

The chin strap uses the simple yet effective double D-ring closure system and micrometric fastening enables to you secure your helmet safely. The neck opening has additional plumb cushion material around the neck roll area so that you can feel comfortable and reduce rider fatigue.

CABERG DUKE Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet Size Chart

* S : 55-56cm
* M : 57-58cm
* L : 59-60cm
* XL : 61-62cm

CABERG flip up helmet size guide

Unsure of which helmet size to take? Please click here for instructions and watch video
on how to measure your head for the correct helmet size

CABERG DUKE Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet Features

  • Ready for Bluetooth
  • Wind tunnel developed aerodynamic
  • Dual homologation P&J
  • Removeable chin curtain

CABERG DUKE Flip up helmet view

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